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Fullstack Engineer

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React Native
Ankara, Turkey
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We are looking for a full-stack engineer to join a team of amazing product engineers in Ankara.

The Plank Product Engineering lab works with fast growing technology companies solving difficult problems in web and mobile programming. We work with the latest web, mobile, and backend frameworks and build products used by millions of users around the world. You will get to work across multiple technologies, domains, and scale of problems.

The Role

  • Work on the hardest engineering problems in projects with some of the most innovative tech companies in Silicon Valley
  • Write high quality code for web and mobile applications that are used by millions of users globally
  • Work closely with customers to understand their requirements and come up with creative technical solutions
  • Participate in the entire software development lifecycle including system design, architecture, feature implementation, and launch
  • Develop end to end features with Typescript, React, Node while keeping a high bar for code quality
  • Collaborate with other team members in an agile process using best practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Work with the team in solving the interesting technical challenges in the project

Your experience

  • 2+ years of experience in software engineering
  • Strong experience in Typescript, React, Node stack building web and mobile applications
  • A good understanding of how to build end to end applications across frontend, mobile, backend, devops
  • An ability to thrive on autonomy and responsibility
  • Clear and persuasive communication and decision making skills
  • A deep passion for Computer Science!

Our offer to you

  • An opportunity to turbocharge your career
  • A chance to work with senior executives and technologists in leading companies
  • A chance to work with a team that you are proud to be a part of
  • Get exposed to different domains, frontier technologies, and exciting cutting edge technology customers
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • A place where you keep learning and operate outside your comfort zone

Working at Plank

  • Plank is a group of people who are obsessed with Computer Science and passionate about life-long learning.
  • We believe in collaboration and working together as a team to solve the most difficult problems.
  • We believe in learning from each other and in learning together. This manifests in things like pair programming, shared debugging sessions, seminars, and co-authoring technical articles.
  • A lot of us come from the world of academia and research - we have a number of PhDs and ex-Professors on our team. We operate on the nexus between the world of research and real-world applications in the industry.

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