Working with us

Work with a co-located Plank engineering pod that is focused on solving your most difficult technical challenges.

How is plank set up?


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Experts in fullstack web development and mobile applications using React, Nodejs, React Native etc, complete with devops and testing


Experts in building smart contracts on Cardano, Ethereum, and Polygon platforms

Machine Learning

Experts in solving data science challenges


Plank co-working spaces are located across cities and our team of engineers work together in-person at Plank pods

We created Plank centres because we strongly believe that in-person collaboration is crucial for solving complex problems, creating a strong sense of cohesion and ultimately building great things.

At our Plank centres, we take care of all the administrative overhead involved in working with a high functioning remote team like office space, laptops, IT equipment, and local HR.


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We assemble a core team of engineers (including a technical lead) with expertise in the relevant Lab area, which work directly with a customer on a well-defined technical roadmap - Plank engineers work closely with their Pod members from their local Plank Center.

All Plank engineers have a Computer Science degree, a number of them are Masters and PhDs.

Plank pod members have often worked together, either during training at Plank or at previous projects, and have strong working chemistry.

Setting up your pod

We work closely with our customers to create engineering pods customized based on their specific needs, with an focus on technical quality and speed.

Step 1
Week 1
Technical deepdive to propose a Plank Pod structure
  • You talk to our CTO to discuss your technical challenges and roadmap, as well as engineering capacity needs, as well as address any open questions re: our offering

  • Based on your tech stack, technical roadmap and time zone preference, and our deep internal experience working with 100+ companies across multiple domains and sectors, we propose a Plank pod structure, composed of engineers who have worked on relevant domains, technologies or problem types, so that they are not reinventing the wheel.

Step 2
Week 2
Contracts and onboarding
  • Assuming mutual fit, we put an NDA and other relevant agreements in place

  • You add the Plank pod to your project tools and development processes

Step 3
Week 3
Kick off and work with your Plank pod
  • Kickoff the first sprint

  • Collaborate using best practices like test driven development, CI/CD, writing good documentation

  • Have a close feedback loop using frequent pull requests and daily standups

  • Work with your Pod technical lead on architecture and long term roadmap

Step 4
Month 3-6
Expand or add Plank pods
  • To increase engineering velocity, you can increase the technical scope of your existing Pod, add additional engineers to your Pod, or create additional Pods that are solving new challenges in your technical roadmap.