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At Plank, we’re committed to creating the next generation of engineers who are as obsessed with computer science as we are.

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What is the Plank Fellowship?

Each fellowship cohort learns and collaborates closely as a team, working in-person from one of our Plank centers, under the direct supervision and mentorship of Plank’s senior engineers throughout the the fellowship

All selected fellows get paid an attractive monthly salary for the duration of the fellowship.

The first 2 months of the fellowship involves intensive training in the cutting-edge languages, frameworks, services, and methodologies that are required to succeed in the real world

The intensive training period is followed by 10 months of working directly with Plank’s commercial partners on real world projects - you will interact with senior executives and industry leaders from around the world, and get a front row seat to how fast growing companies build amazing products.

At the end of the fellowship, fellows who have successfully completed the 1 year fellowship will be invited to join Plank as a full-time core team member.

Fellowship Timeline

We’ve thoughtfully designed the Plank Fellowship to turbocharge the careers of the best and brightest computer science students around the world.

Month 1
Build a strong foundation
  • Learn the core concepts, languages and frameworks in your domain.
  • The focus is on practical techniques that are used in day to day programming in the software industry
Month 2
Learn advanced concepts
  • Get an in-depth understanding of detailed 
  • Get hands on training on creating and deploying end to end applications
Month 3-4
Join as trainee in 1st commercial project
  • Join a real-world commercial project under the close mentorship of senior engineers
  • Participate in the sprint process, with your code being shipped to production
Month 5-6
Contribute as core team member in complex project
  • Design and develop features independently all the way from design to development to deployment
  • Learn how to develop high quality code including test automation, documentation and other best practices like CI/CD
Month 7-9
Developing skills in project management, documentation, communication, design thinking
  • Learn how to run a scrum under guidance of a tech lead
  • Publish your first open source project and blog post
Month 10-12
Get experience across multiple projects, leading mini projects
  • Lead a mini project end to end including creating requirements and communicating with other functional teams
  • Work across projects in different domains and team size

Select a fellowship lab

What will you learn?

What will you learn?

What will you learn?

Undertake advanced courses in the languages, frameworks relevant to the lab. Learn from senior engineers who have been working in the field for many years. Pair programming with other fellows in your cohort as well as with senior engineering mentors.

Meet some of our fellows

Our fellows are chosen through a highly selective process and they consistently demonstrate an insatiable desire to learn and are committed to grow as world-class engineers.

Tomas Osiecki

Tomas Osiecki

Bachelors in Computer Science from the National University of Cordoba

  • Core contributor to open source Cardano code
  • Won 3rd place in worldwide Cardano hackathon (Sep 2022)

Ignacio Baldoncini

Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Ignacio Baldoncini

Bachelors in Computer Science from the National University of Cordoba

  • Built core machine learning features for a leading fintech
  • Built a recommender system for an events calendar social platform

Ignacio Dopazo

Ignacio Dopazo

Bachelors in Computer Science from the National University of Cordoba

  • Designed and implemented the core smart contract features for - a leading DeFi platform
  • Won 1st place in worldwide Cardano hackathon (Sep 2022)
  • Contributor to open source Plutus code in Cardano

Sarah Kim

Sarah Kim

Bachelors in Computer Science from the National University of Cordoba

  • Co-developed luxury goods ecommerce marketplace 
  • Experienced in React, Typescript, NodeJS

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